Wednesday, April 29, 2009

hospital bedrest

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Sitting here sucks! They finally admitted me last night, after being here for more than 30 hours not knowing what was going to happen. When my dr. finally came in and said I would be staying, all I could do was cry. I know this is what is best for Alexia, but it's not how it's supposed to be. I'm suppsed to be at home finishing her room and waiting for her. Instead I'm sitting in a bed getting poked daily, collecting my urine, hooked up to too many monitors, surrounded by people who worry. I'm 35 weeks 2 days, today. My dr. would like to wait until 37 weeks to deliver, but she doesn't seem to think I'll make it that far. My protein in my urine is creeping up, and my blood pressures are all over the place. I finally got to take a shower today, and I felt much better after that. I'm trying to make myself look decent for the people who show up to visit. My headache comes and goes...sometimes Tylenol helps, sometimes it doesn't. I did actually sleep pretty well last night...a combination of exhaustion, crying too much, and ambien. My back hurts from sitting in this bed. I can't find a comfortable position that lasts very long...and I try to be sitting up when people are here, but that's especially uncomfortable! I don't mean to complain, this just isn't how I wanted it to be. But, I keep telling myself that the next time I go home I will have Alexia with me! That makes me happy!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Don't know what to do

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This is just a vent. It's probably not going to flow, or make any kind of sense...but I need to put it out there just to get it out of my head.
My BP has been out of control for a week now. I've been having crazy headaches, probably because of it. I've also been to labor and delivery twice. It's all disconcerning. All I want is for Alexia to be healthy. Everything I've read about high BP in pregnancy is not good...especially over a long period of time. All the blood vessels get constricted, causing the headaches, but even to the baby. So, the baby loses out on oxygen and nutrients. She has always been fine on the monitors when my BP has been high, so that makes me feel better. And even now she's moving pretty good (especially for morning)...she's more of a night person! But, I've also been told that the inconsistency in the BP isn't good either. And mine seems to fluctuate. It's just so wierd because I never had high BP before. Throughout the whole pregnancy it's been perfect at every visit. Then I get a week long headache and somebody says I should get it checked...come to find out it's through the roof.
I don't want to go back to labor and delivery if it's not necessary. Especially since I've been there twice. I don't want to be that freaky first time mom who goes in 200 times! But, I worry! I go to the dr. twice a week now, and I don't want her to send me to labor and delivery every time I go in!
I'm on bedrest...and I'm not so great at it! But, it's especially hard on the weekends and evenings when Jacob is home. Or this weekend we had so many people in and out of the house, cleaning, etc. I'm so thankful for all of that, but I felt like I should be up doing something! Even though every time I got up someone told me to sit down. By Saturday night my feet were swollen and my BP was high enough to warrant a page to the on-call dr. She told me it was up to me...thanks a lot! She said it may be the same as before where I stay for a couple hours and then go home, or they may admit me to hospital bedrest...because "some people just don't follow the rules on at home bedrest." Yep, that would probably be me! But, I also don't want to be on hospital bedrest for any amount of time.
My dr. had talked about inducing if we couldn't get the BP and headaches under control, even though there hasn't been protein in my urine. I will do whatever my dr. tells me to do. I trust her fully. I just know these last few weeks are so important to Alexia's health. So, I would like for her to stay in as long as she can. But at the same time, I'm ready for her to be here. I'm ready for this to be over with. I absolutely love being pregnant, and I will miss it terribly. And this may be the only time I get to experience it. But, with all the ups and downs, I just feel out of control. And that's not good! I'm a very controlling person. And I've planned and planned...which of course, just makes it more disappointing when you get thrown for a loop!
At this point I just want someone to give me a definate answer. "DO THIS." I would be more than happy to give over control this one time!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Labor and Delivery: Part 2

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I had my dr's appt. today. We were there forever! My dr. seems to constantly be running behind. My BP has been high all day and I've had a headache since I got up this morning. Still no protein in my urine though. But, she sent me over to labor and delivery for monitoring since it's the weekend. Before I left she said "I'll see you on Tuesday if you don't have the baby before then." WTF! She had me kinda scared, because she was talking like they were going to induce! We went over to labor and delivery and got hooked up. Stayed about 2 hours. My BP was high the entire time I was there. They did more bloodwork and it all came back good so they sent me home. The dr. on call from my office said that if my headache got worse to come back. She also told me if I just got scared or worried I could come back in, or I could call labor and delivery directly and talk to them. Also, while I was hooked up she said I was having some contractions, but nothing regular. I guess I'll finish packing my bag! And give someone in my family a key to my house, because I was so worried about how they were going to get in to get the rest of my stuff for me!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


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Actually, modified bedrest. My dr. wants me to still get up and move around so that I don't get any blood clots in my legs. Part of me knew from the very beginning of this pregnancy that I would end up on bedrest. And hey, who could ask for more right? You get to lay in bed all day and do nothing...which is great for me, since I pretty much didn't do anything anyways. The only problem lies here:
1)When she told me I would last about 4 more weeks before I have her, I freaked out...that's 2 weeks ahead of schedule, so there are so many things I was unprepared for.
2)The possibility of having to go on hospital bedrest is more scary because then I can't even sneak around to get things ready!
3)Boredom! I didn't know it would be this bad, but this is enhanced by the fact that I'm supposed to lay on my left side as much as possible. There isn't a whole lot you can do on your left side! I can't even see the tv very good on my left side!
4)No position is comfortable for very long! Sitting, laying, lounging...whatever it is I can't find a comfortable position for it! So I end up just flopping around like a beached whale!
I also feel bad because now Jacob has to work and then come home and do everything else! My mom and sisters are coming this weekend to help also. Which is nice, but I don't want everyone to feel like I'm helpless! I did the rest of Alexia's laundry yesterday...ssshhh! The only hard thing about doing laundry is reaching to the bottom of the washing machine! And I managed, so what's the big deal! She needed to have the rest of her clothes clean in case she decides to come early! I also worked on packing our hospital times! So, there really won't be a whole lot for people to do when they come over to help this weekend! Jacob says he's going to have the laundry done before then so they don't have to. I am very thankful though for all the support everyone is giving me. Jacob's mom calls at least once a day to check on me. My grandma has called several times to check on me. And everyone just keeps telling me to call them if I need anything! It's nice to know that there are so many people, so close in case I need anything. That's why I chose to live in this town! Jacob didn't really understand why I didn't want to just stay in Tulsa...but maybe he understands now. Because even when he's at work he's only like 2 minutes from home! Well, off to check my other sites I creep on and do some more word searches!

Monday, April 20, 2009

1st time to labor and delivery

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Yep...we went to labor and delivery last night! I have been having a migraine pretty much all last week. Someone suggested that I check my blood pressure. So, Jacob's mom has a blood pressure cuff from walmart and she brought it up to us last night. The readings were around 160/104. I've heard that those cuffs aren't very accurate so we went down to the ambulance station to have them check it. And it was right on. We came home and called the dr. and she said just go to labor and delivery. We got there and they hooked me up to the monitors. Alexia was doing great the whole time...moving like crazy, she didn't appreciate all the drama! My blood pressures were still high except when I was laying on my left side. So, they came in and said we were going to stay for 23 hours. We moved to a different room, had bloodwork done, and started a 24 hour urine sample (which sucks). We were there for a while and they came in and said everything with my bloodwork was good so they were sending us home. They gave me a percocet for my headache and told me to rest. My dr. is supposed to call today to set up an appt. for tomorrow. So far my head still hurts and my BP's are still high this morning. But, I guess as long as Alexia is doing okay, I'll be okay too! There will probably be more to update on after our appt. tomorrow.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Bored and awake

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It's 1:26 AM here in Oklahoma. Who knows why I'm not asleep...considering that I took tylenol PM. Hmm?? Anyways...I got out of bed and came back to the living room because my typing bothers Jacob! The internet is pretty boring at 1 in the one is updating anything on message boards, so they're pretty useless. But, I have found some pretty great websites in the past couple of weeks. So I'll share them with you!

Have fun!

Monday, April 6, 2009


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I'm so happy with the house renovations! Here's a link to a few photos I took last night.

Hopefully tonight we will get the crib and changing table put together. But, Jacob has been sick today, so I don't know if he'll feel up to it. I don't have any bedding to put on the crib yet, but just having it together in the nursery will make me feel better! I'll take more pictures then.

Today I got the books put back on the bookshelf. They aren't in any kind of order though, which will probably bug Jacob because he likes all the authors to be put together. But, it was an accomplishment just for me to get them on the shelf!

So, right now I'm trying to decide how to arrange the nursery. I don't want the crib too near the window, 1. because it's old and drafty and 2. because it's moldy. I know, there shouldn't be mold in there at all, but hopefully we can get something done about it soon. That room was our old bedroom and our bed was pushed right up against the window...I didn't know it was moldy for the longest time! Yuck!

Jacob's birthday is this weekend, so I need to figure out something to do for him. He said the xbox was his birthday gift, but I want to be able to do something for him. His birthday falls on Easter this year, so he will get to spend that day with his family, so that's nice. However the weather is calling for rain on Easter so that sucks! And my family will be out of town to celebrate my Grandma's birthday. I'm not able to go because my OB doesn't want you to travel more than an hour away once you pass 30 weeks. My Grandma lives 4 hours away, so that's out of the question. Hopefully some of them will get to come to the baby shower or at least come down once Alexia is born!

Watching Law and Order: CI and considering a nap this afternoon!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Today in History:

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April 2:
1902 - "Electric Theatre", the first full-time movie theater in the United States, opens in Los Angeles, California.
1917 - The first woman ever elected to the U.S. Congress, Jeannette Rankin, takes her seat as a representative from Montana.
1743-Thomas Jefferson
1805-Hans Christian Anderson
1939-Marvin Gaye
1947-Emmylou Harris
1961-Christopher Meloni
1965-Rodney King
1975-Adam Rodriguez
International Children's Book Day

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


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I feel like my depression is kicking my ass this week. I don't know why. I've been taking my medicine regularly, and nothing in my life has really changed. But, I just feel like crap! I feel like not getting out of bed at all. I feel embarassed to talk to Jacob or my family about it. I don't want them to worry about me, and Jacob tends to get upset when I feel like this. But, I just don't know what to do differently. I feel like I don't have control of any aspect of my life. I don't have control over the house renovations. I don't have control over our money situation. I don't have control over whether Lexi is healthy or not. It kills me! And I know so many people would just say, "just don't worry about it." But, that doesn't work for me. That's all I do is worry, and when I think I have one thing figured out then I'll move onto something else. I know it's straining my marriage. But, the fact that I know all these things only makes it worse. Because I know I should feel differently and the fact that I don't makes me feel even worse about it. I just feel lost and alone!

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