Wednesday, April 29, 2009

hospital bedrest

Posted by danielle at 7:37 PM
Sitting here sucks! They finally admitted me last night, after being here for more than 30 hours not knowing what was going to happen. When my dr. finally came in and said I would be staying, all I could do was cry. I know this is what is best for Alexia, but it's not how it's supposed to be. I'm suppsed to be at home finishing her room and waiting for her. Instead I'm sitting in a bed getting poked daily, collecting my urine, hooked up to too many monitors, surrounded by people who worry. I'm 35 weeks 2 days, today. My dr. would like to wait until 37 weeks to deliver, but she doesn't seem to think I'll make it that far. My protein in my urine is creeping up, and my blood pressures are all over the place. I finally got to take a shower today, and I felt much better after that. I'm trying to make myself look decent for the people who show up to visit. My headache comes and goes...sometimes Tylenol helps, sometimes it doesn't. I did actually sleep pretty well last night...a combination of exhaustion, crying too much, and ambien. My back hurts from sitting in this bed. I can't find a comfortable position that lasts very long...and I try to be sitting up when people are here, but that's especially uncomfortable! I don't mean to complain, this just isn't how I wanted it to be. But, I keep telling myself that the next time I go home I will have Alexia with me! That makes me happy!

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