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April 28

Posted by danielle at 8:54 PM
Sheila came up first thing in the morning to be up here with us. She was convinced they were going to induce today and she wanted to be here! Somehow my nurses fell through the cracks. Because I hadn’t been admitted yet I didn’t have a nurse. So, just whoever felt like checking on me is who did. I did have a really great nurse named Suzy, and a really great night nurse named Christen. But, Sheila had to go get my breakfast and lunch trays and then take them back down. It was awful! My dr. was so busy that day because she was the dr. on call. She had a lot of surgeries and emergencies. She didn’t end up getting to see us until like 7:00. She had no idea that I had been treated that way, and said that I would be moving rooms so it would be different. She said we would be admitted until delivery. All Jacob could do was smile, because he was so happy to know what was going to happen. And he knew we were going to be getting the best treatment, and there would be no more stressing out at home. However, all I could do was cry. This isn’t how it’s supposed to be. I’m supposed to be growing big at home and finishing things up. Finishing all the plans that I started! And that’s not how it’s going to end up. She said my 24 hour urine sample came back with a protein level of 250. If it gets to 300 we will most likely induce. With that combined with the blood pressure. If it stays the way it is there’s a chance we will make it to 37 weeks and induce then. Unless my BP goes way up and stays up, and then we would induce for that. She also said that if I went into labor now she wouldn’t stop it. It’s really hard to induce labor while you’re on hospital bedrest though! That night we decided I wouldn’t have to be monitored constantly, just an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. And my bp/temp every 4 hours. So, I slept much more comfortably that night. They are also giving me ambient to help me sleep! Thank goodness, it’s a life saver. Because all I do is sit here and stress about what I could/should be doing at home! Jacob went home to sleep because he was so uncomfortable here, but he promises to be back in the morning.

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