Saturday, May 23, 2009

May 23, 2009

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May 23, 3009-Jacob’s mom had a heart attack yesterday. By far one of the scariest moments of my life. I was here with Alexia, getting ready to go to the dr. She had just started to wake up and fuss so I needed to change and feed her, but my hands were shaking so bad that I couldn’t hardly do anything. I kept trying to get ahold of my mom because she was picking me up to take me to the dr. I decided to let mom take Lexi out to her house and I would go to the hospital with Jacob. I’m so proud of Jacob for staying so calm and so strong throughout the whole thing. I guess Tanner wasn’t handling it very well, so Jacob had to be strong for him also. When we got to the hospital we found out that she wasn’t stable enough in the ambulance so they called life flight. The helicopter flip-flopped back and forth with which hospital they were going to go to, and finally decided on Hillcrest. By the time they got here there she had enough medication to stabilize her. We were able to go back and talk to her. She was convinced she was fine and could go home. They admitted her to the heart hospital and told her she had a mild heart attack and they needed to find out the reasons. There is definitely an electrical reason, but they are doing more tests to determine if there is also blockage. Mom, Dad, Lisa, and Kristin kept Lexi last night…and apparently she slept pretty well for them! Of course, she’s just out to get me! I decided since we would probably be just sitting at the hospital all day that I would stay home so when they were ready they can bring Lexi home. So, Jacob headed up to the hospital. Sheila will be at the hospital at least until Tuesday, probably even towards the end of next week. On Tuesday they are going to do the heart catheterization and test for blockages. That will determine if they have to put stents or anything in. The doctors made it sound like everything is a pretty easy fix. That it was a pretty mild heart attack, and she should be back to normal pretty quick. Thank goodness! We need to spend some time away from hospitals!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


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I hate bitchy people! Why do people do things to purposely hurt others? Get over yourself for long enough to realize that you are not the only person in the world. Your "best friend" has other friends too! Your "best friend" had other "best friends" before you. Just because someone doesn't like you, doesn't mean they are jealous of you.
Ugh, it just bugs me! Especially when it's family members that are getting hurt! I just don't understand how someone can be so stuck on theirself. I mean, I remember people being like that in jr. high and high school...but I was sure all of that would stay there. Oh no, we have grown adults acting like teenagers. We all remember those people in high school who thought they were "the shit." I remember hating those people! Guess what? I still do! Get over yourself!
I'm done now!

May 20, 2009

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May 20, 2009-Another day started way too early, with way too little sleep. I guess it was decent sleep, but it started way too late! After her 11:00 feeding Alexia didn’t go back to sleep until after 1:00. Jacob got up with her sometime after I put her down, and I’m not really sure how long he stayed up with her. But, then she ended up sleeping until 4:30. Which was really good. But, then it seemed like her sleep was restless after that. She woke back up around 6:30. I fed her and she was pretty awake once again. I put her back in the car seat and Jacob got up with her for a little bit. Then when it was time for him to start getting ready for work I got up, fed her another oz. and put her back down. Her sleep was really restless still, and was bugging me enough that I couldn’t sleep. So, I just decided to get up. I brought her into the living room, and of course she seems to be pretty content. I’m sure as soon as I would lie down she would wake up though! Today is one of those days where I feel like I could lay in bed all day. I don’t know if it’s just from being up until 1 and then not getting much sleep after that, or if it’s the depression. I really wish there was someone I could call that could come watch her, at least for a few hours so I could sleep some more. But, I don’t really know who that would be on a Wednesday morning. But, I just can’t keep doing 5 hours of sleep a night! I feel guilty about calling Jacob’s mom to come watch her, because I know she has other things to do, and she’s probably still asleep herself. My family all works…except for my Grandma, and I’m not sure she would come over and watch her by herself while I sleep. So, I just don’t really have a lot of options!
Alexia also seems like she has a stuffy nose. I tried to use the bulb syringe, but neither one of the ones I have are small enough to fit in her nose…hmm. So, now I get to listen to her snore/grunt/groan/breathe heavy. Fun times!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

May 10, 2009

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May 10, 2009-Mother’s Day-Today was the best Mother’s Day ever! Alexia didn’t get to come home, but I got to spend the day with her, and that’s all that matters! They moved her over to the open crib at 9:00 this morning. She did really good all day with her temps and feedings. Mom was there this morning when the dr. did rounds. He said she should be home in a couple days. The nurse said Wednesday at the latest. So, we know she will be coming home one day this week! I know that’s all only as long as she continues to do well. But, right now I have no reason to believe that she won’t do well. When they weighed her tonight she weighed 5lb 7.1oz. She gained a whole ounce today! She managed to pee on her daddy today! And she managed to poop 6 times during 1 diaper change. It was crazy…and it was crazier because Jacob was laughing uncontrollably! The saddest thing was that she got it on her clothes so we had to change her, but she kept pooping so she laid there naked for the longest time, and I know she was losing body heat. But, she was still above the coverline after we fed her, so she’s doing better. I just can’t wait to have her home with me, so I don’t have to worry about taking her temperature all the time. She also cried for about 30 minutes today because she was hungry and it wasn’t time for her feeding yet. I’ll be glad when I don’t have to worry about that either. I know babies should have a schedule, but I don’t think it needs to be so rigid that when she’s hungry 30 minutes before a feeding she can’t eat. She will set her own schedule for the time being! I’m still pumping. Not near as often as I should. But, I feel like I’m doing the best I can do right now. It’s been 2 days since I’ve tried to nurse, so I probably won’t go back to that anymore. Part of me feels sad, because I feel like it’s something I should do. But, the other part of me just feels relieved that she’s not having to work so hard to eat. I’m not sure how long I will even last with the pumping though. Its hard work and I know it will get more difficult once she’s here and I’m taking care of her and trying to pump. Jacob told me I was just lazy…which is probably partially true. But, I feel like there is only so much I can do right now…and I just feel so exhausted all the time. I know that’s going to get worse once she comes home also, because I won’t be getting full night’s sleep, like I have been since I came home from the hospital. I’m sure there will come a day while Jacob’s at work and Lexi and I are home that I just go to the store and buy a can of formula. I feel horrible and torn about that. Kristin and Brandon went to church today and asked for special prayers for us. I’m so glad she did. Prayers are the only thing getting us through this right now. I know it’s not as hard as what a lot of NICU parents have gone through. But, we went through a whole lot to get to this point. And this is a hard experience for us. Everyone goes through their own thing, and we have been very lucky that Alexia is doing so well. She could have been way smaller and way less healthy. But, that doesn’t take away from the fact that our baby has been in the NICU for a week, and we have to come home without her every night. I just look forward to the day (coming soon) when we will all be here like a normal family!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

May 7, 2009

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Alexia is wonderful today! They took her feeding tube out, and it’s great to see her beautiful little face without it. They also took her out of the isolette. She’s staying a little cool, but they’re keeping her bundled up, as to hopefully not have to go back in the isolette. That would be a setback for us. The physical therapy and carseat training wore her out today, but she still ate her meals like a champ! The only thing we’re waiting on is her temp! It was still super hard to leave her tonight. But, I told her she was already stronger than her mommy! She is so peaceful in the hospital, whereas I was awful and breaking the rules the whole time I was there! Nursing is still up in the air for me. I’m still pumping though, and my milk came in today, so it’s reassuring! I nursed for a while at her noon feeding, but the before and after weights weren’t very different, so I got discouraged. She seems like she’s working so hard, and if she’s not getting anything for all her trouble I don’t want to do it. The nurse said she thought the scales were messed up because she seemed to be doing a really good job sucking and swallowing. And she told me it would be way easier once we got home. I’m still trying to decide what I want to do. The lazy part of me says “screw it.” Just bottlefeed with formula and be done with it. But the MOMMY in me knows the breastmilk is better for her. That’s the only thing keeping me going, is that I don’t want to let her down in any way. I’m considering pumping and bottlefeeding. Even though it seems like twice the work, it may end up being easier on her. I won’t make a final decision until she’s home though. We’re still keeping our fingers crossed for tomorrow or Saturday!

May 6, 2009

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Kristin came and got me this morning and took me to the hospital to see Alexia. Jacob went to work today to try to save up his time off for when she’s actually at home. When we got there I was disappointed to see that she was still in the isolette. I was hoping they had moved her to a regular bed overnight. We talked to her for a while and pretty much just stared at her…amazed by her beauty and perfection. We left to run to Target to pick up some more things that I realized I needed, and then we went and ate lunch. When we got back she had already had her noon feeding and was back asleep. They had put the cutest little purple bow in her hair! The lactation consultant came and talked to me for a while and told me we would try to breastfeed at the 3:00 feeding. Aunt Linda and Uncle Charlie came by to see her and to drop off the pump that Mindy gave me. They stayed for a while. The physical therapist came in and pretty much worked her over! She moved all her joints in her arms and legs and then tested her sucking. She was perfect, of course! They let me take her temperature and change her. She hates having her temperature taken because you have to hold her arm down over the thermometer…she likes to be able to move freely. I went to change her diaper and as soon as I folded it down she started pooping some more, thanks a lot! So, I folded it back up and let her sit there for a little bit. When I folded it back down she started to pee. Amazing timing! So she finally finished her business and let me change her. The lactation lady came back and weighed her so we would know how much she ate while she was nursing. She did really well nursing, according to the consultant. She latched on pretty well and sucked good. They only let her nurse for 15 minutes because they don’t want her to get too tired and not get enough to eat. So, after that time I fed her the rest with a bottle. She did really well, and they were able to turn the heat down on her bed a little more. The 3:00 feeding didn’t go so well. Aunt Valerie had come to see her and had just left. I don’t really think she was hungry…she didn’t want to wake up to try to eat. She ate good for a while and then stopped. She pooped while she was eating and then she got really fussy. I knew she probably wouldn’t eat with a poopy diaper so I changed her again and started to feed her the rest of the bottle. She took it pretty well but as soon as I moved her she spit up, big time. It scared me to death, because it seemed like she had spit up everything she just ate. And then her monitor started going off, so that terrified me too. To top it all off there wasn’t a nurse in sight. She didn’t act like spitting up bothered her though. She just spit up and then went back to sleep. The nurse finally came down and turned the monitor off…it was just beeping because I was standing up and the lines were moving. The nurse changed her clothes and wrapped her back up, and she was sleeping peacefully. But, because she spit up they didn’t take out the feeding tube. It hasn’t been hooked up to anything for the past couple of days, but they are waiting to make sure everything is good before they take it out. They took the IV out of her hand sometime during the night or this morning, because it was out when we got there. Lisa and Kristin left and Jacob and I hung around for a little while longer. I started to tell her goodbye and that we would see her in the morning. But, as soon as I even start thinking about leaving I start crying. Let’s just say I’m not a very pretty cryer…I get loud and red and ugly! So, I tried to keep as quiet as possible while telling her how much I love her. I tell her every day that she has to eat like a big girl so that they will take that yucky tube out of her nose, and then she can come home with us. Hopefully she hears me and takes it to heart! It’s so hard to leave her there! I know it will make it all worth while once she’s home…and I will be able to rest assured that she’s perfectly healthy. But, it’s just so hard to come home without her every day. I want to be able to hold her whenever I feel like it, and kiss her whenever I feel like it. I don’t want to have to stare at her through a glass box, and touch her through little holes. It’s weird because I feel helpless while I’m there…like I should be doing something. But, then I feel awful when I’m not there. I feel guilty for not getting up super early to go sit with her all day. But, there’s nothing I can do there. I don’t want to feel guilty…I just want her here with me. Sometimes I want to ask why. What did I do to deserve this? I waited so long for her. Why did these last few weeks have to happen the way they did? Why does she have to be in the NICU? Why couldn’t one aspect of my pregnancy/motherhood be normal? I’m keeping my fingers crossed and praying extra hard that she will at least be home before Mother’s Day.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May 5, 2009

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May 5, 2009-12:14 am- I’ve taken my ambien, but I haven’t gone to sleep yet. Because all I can think about it how I’m going to have to leave Lexi here tomorrow while we go home. I’m so ready to go home…I’ve been wanting to go home since the day I got here. But, I don’t want to go home without her! I’ve waited so long to have her, and now they’re telling me that I’m going to have to wait some more to bring her home. I don’t feel like I have the strength to do that. Right now I feel like Jacob is going to have to carry me out of there.
I’ve been pumping as much as I can for her, but it just seems like so little. It’s discouraging. The lactation consultant said I was doing great with it, but I don’t feel great about the output I’m giving. Hopefully things will go better once my milk actually comes in. And I hope it comes in soon. I feel bad for not going to see her more. But, when I’m down there it’s just a reminder that I can’t take her home yet. They won’t even let us take her out and hold her. Even if it ends up being just a couple of days, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I can’t leave here without her, I just can’t!

Monday, May 4, 2009

May 4, 2009

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I got to feed Alexia her noon feeding. I’ve been pumping for her. She has a feeding tube in and she has an IV for fluids. Hopefully her feedings will continue to increase over the next 24 hours and they will be able to take the feeding tube out. I think they said they’ve used it 2 times today only, so that’s great! Hopefully my milk comes in soon so I will be able to give her more of what she needs. I’m probably going to get to go home tomorrow, but she’s probably going to have to stay a couple more days. I really am not looking forward to leaving without her. She looks so good…I just want to pick her up and take her home with me! She is in an isolette right now to help her stabilize her body temperature. Her setting was on 30.5 tonight. Once it gets down to 27 they will put her in a regular bed! I wish all the people who have visited at the hospital could go down to see her, but Jacob has to go with them, and he feels bad leaving me up here by myself. It’s hard to go down there only for a few minutes, and not get to hold her, and then have to come back up here. I feel bad for not going down there more often, but they won’t let me hold her, and I don’t want to disturb her sleeping. She is the most amazing, beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. She’s perfect in every single way! I love her so much already! It doesn’t seem real that she’s mine. A part of me still doesn’t believe that I have a baby. I’m sure that’s because I haven’t really gotten to spend a lot of time with her. I just can’t wait to take her home with me! She’s mine forever! I’m so lucky to have her!

Alexia's Birth Story

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7:00-They put me on the monitor for an hour to watch Alexia. She was doing great. When the nurse came and took the monitor off she said I had 1 contraction. I had felt it, but it wasn’t anything major!
11:30-They came and gave me my ambien!
11:40-Came in to check my BP 172/117! The nurse said she was going to call the dr. and would let me know what she said. She came back and told me they were moving me to a labor/delivery room. I started calling Jacob, my sisters, and mom to let them know what was going on. I still thought that it would be a while though. Once I got down to the labor/delivery room they started to check me for dilation. She asked when I was last checked…Monday, I was a fingertip. She proceeds to tell me I’m 5-6 cm dilated! Wow, this is going to happen a lot sooner than I thought! She went to call the dr. and let her know and call the anesthesiologist to come down to do my epidural. Everyone started to get there. Only 3 people could come back at a time, so everyone kinda took turns letting me know they were there and then Jacob, Mom, and Sheila settled in for the long haul! They came and did my epidural, which wasn’t near as bad as what I expected it to be! The hardest part was crunching over, since I’m so short and so pregnant, and there’s nowhere for my belly to go. The nurse was really great although because of the ambien I can’t even remember her name! After the epidural it gets a little foggy! I recommend everyone take ambien during delivery! I was the most comfortable I had been in a long time! So, I drifted in and out of sleep for the next 5 hours! At 5:00 am they told me I was 8-9 cm and could start pushing. If you would have asked me, I would not have told you it was 5:00am. It felt like I had just been down there a few minutes! I could feel the contractions just enough to know when to push. I got in 3 good pushes per contraction…I felt like I could do more but apparently my face was purple from not breathing! They put the oxygen mask on me towards the end. At 5:36 am Alexia Rosemay arrived! She was 5lb 5oz and 17 ¾ long. She is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.
I guess after delivery my temp dropped pretty low and they were concerned about that. My reflexes were also doing something weird, either way too reactive, or not reactive enough, I don’t really remember.
After they brought me back to the postpartum room they put me on an IV of magnesium sulfate for my BP, and IV fluids. They came in to check on me and take me to the bathroom (they took the catheter out right before I delivered.) I felt like I could walk to the bathroom, but made it there and almost passed out. Everything started to box in and I felt like I couldn’t hear. So, they wheeled me back to bed. I guess it was from the magnesium. So from then on they let me use the bedside chair. It was all I could do throughout the night to get out of bed and use that. I felt like my legs were jello. They came in every 2 hours to check my BP and reflexes. I tried to stay awake as long as I could during the day while my family was here, but it felt like I just couldn’t hold my eyes opened. I slept really well considering a felt like crap. They came in at 5:30 and took me off the magnesium. Within a couple of hours I felt so much better. They won’t take the heplock completely out until 24 hrs later though.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

May 1

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Well, I didn’t get to sleep until after midnight last night…I just had a lot running through my mind that I couldn’t let go. Bad idea, because they started coming in and out of my room about 4 am. That’s when they needed to take my BP again. But, then she started asking me questions about how much water I had drank since 7 pm. Who asks all these questions when I was clearly asleep? Then they came back in at 7 and took my BP again. I finally just got up at 7:30 and ate my breakfast. Apparently they lost my menu because I changed rooms, so I just got a generic breakfast, I’m pretty sure I had picked to have a doughnut this morning, but just got bacon and eggs. We did the monitoring again this morning, and she said I didn’t have to do it for a whole hour as long as everything looked good…so that’s nice. Alexia wasn’t moving a whole lot so she had me drink some water to perk her up. She doesn’t normally move a whole lot in the morning, but after I drank the water she did start moving a lot. They took my heplock/iv thing out because it was hurting and they don’t think I will need it immediately. Then I got to take a shower. Now I’m waiting for mom to get up here. Hopefully she sneaks me a dr. pepper before Jacob gets here to find out! My back already hurts today from this bed, but there’s not a lot to do about that! Aunt Trish came by today. She was in town for court for Lily’s adoption. Everything went good and they now have visitation rights! She brought me some fruit and magazines and almonds! Mom brought me m&m’s and dr. pepper! My BP has been kinda high today…the bottom number has been in the 90s instead of 80s. But, Alexia was good on the monitor. We’ll see what happens on the monitor tonight. Well, she looked good on the monitor tonight also. I had 1 contraction while I was on there for an hour. Hmmm…that’s not enough! Grandma Eva called and talked to me for just a little bit. Jacob didn’t make it up here until around 7, and then he left at 9. I thought he was going to stay all night with me since it’s Friday and he won’t have to work tomorrow. But, I knew as soon as he walked in with no bags that he wasn’t. It does upset me, but I’ve been upset every day since I’ve been here. I was on the monitor when he left again though, so I couldn’t get too upset. He said his mom and dad are coming up here tomorrow. His dad is bound to raise my blood pressure some! He’ll probably get kicked out for being loud! Mom is going to bring dad up here some time tomorrow also, and then Kristin and Brandon are going to come later. Right now I’m just tired of being in this bed. I wish I could at least get up and sit on the couch or in the rocking chair for a while. I’m also tired of having to unhook the leg massagers every time I have to go to the bathroom. They also told me I will have to continue to measure the quantity of my urine the whole time I’m here…I hate that also! I just want her to be here already!

May 2

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35 weeks 5 days-The dr. on call came in this morning. She said pretty much we’re going to wait through the weekend and let Alexia grow a little bit and we’ll talk more next week about what’s going to happen. Mom and Dad came up today for a few hours. It was good to see Dad, I hadn’t seen him since I came up here. Jacob got up here around 11 and left around 6. I wish he would have stayed longer, or stayed the night, but oh well. Of course after he left I had my little meltdown. I just don’t feel like I can do this anymore. Physically and emotionally it’s too much. I know it’s what I have to do, I don’t have an option, but I just don’t feel like I can. This is the most depressed I’ve felt in a while. I want to just sleep all day and wake up to have it be over. But, there are so many people in and out of here. I feel like when mom or anyone else is here I need to be up and talking to them, because they came to see me. And I feel like the nurses/doctors wouldn’t look highly on my sleeping all day. Alexia was good on the monitor again tonight. I had 1 contraction while I was hooked up. Not enough to even mention! Jacob will be back tomorrow, and mom. I just want this to be over soon.

April 30

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We did finally move rooms this afternoon. We are in a postpartum room. It’s about the same size as the other room, with a little more seating. I’m guessing this is where I’ll come back after Alexia finally decides to make her entrance. It was a very quiet morning down in the other room. I had no visitors, as Jacob and my mom both had to work. Sheila called and let me talk to Averie on the phone, and Grandma Eva called and talked to me. When we moved down here I could already tell that our nursing care was going to be better. I had so many nurses in and out of my room when I first got down here getting me weighed and all set up. It was so good to know that maybe someone will be checking in on us. Jacob got here and ate dinner, and we just watched tv and chatted. The same things we would do if we were at home! Right before he left they were coming in to hook me up to the monitors for the non stress test, so I couldn’t have my emotional breakdown that I’ve had the past 2 nights, because I knew it would affect the test. The test was good though, I pushed a button every time she moved so they could compare her heartrate to her movement. I talked to dad again tonight, and wasn’t as emotional. And talked to mom on the phone later. She’s going to be back up here tomorrow to take care of me and cut my hair! We’re all keeping our fingers crossed for a weekend baby! We’re all just so ready for her to be here!

April 29

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Jacob came back this morning. Mom came a little bit later after she had some stuff to do at work. They both brought me magazines and I’ve been working on my wordsearch book. I’m halfway through though, so he’s going to have to bring me another one! It was a pretty boring day. I took a shower and fixed my hair and makeup though and that made me feel a little better about myself. The nurses were better today, but still no sign of when we’ll be changing rooms. We’re also back to measuring my urine because apparently I’m not producing enough urine. Here’s the deal. I’m connected to these leg massagers 24/7 so I don’t get blood clots in my legs from not moving around. So, everytime I need to go to the restroom, I have to unhook from them. It sucks! Especially during the night. And I feel like I have a constant urge to pee, like I’m going to explode if I don’t go, and then I get in there and it’s a few drops. So, granted, I haven’t been drinking a whole lot because I don’t want to get up to pee, I still think I’m doing okay, if you measure all the urine from 1 hour at the same time, instead of measuring it every time I go…every 10 minutes! Jacob left again tonight, to go home and do some laundry and get ready for work, he’s going back tomorrow. I cried uncontrollably after he left. And just overall felt good and sorry for myself. Then dad called to see how I was doing and that sent me over the edge again. I think I did okay on the phone with him. I’m sure he knew I was crying, but I don’t think it was out of control. It was just really sweet to hear from him. He was the kind of dad that you knew loved you, even if he didn’t say it a whole lot. So, for him to call me and put his emotions out there was overwhelming for me! I know the longer we are here, the better Alexia will do, but I’m so ready for her to be here and for us to be able to go home!

April 28

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Sheila came up first thing in the morning to be up here with us. She was convinced they were going to induce today and she wanted to be here! Somehow my nurses fell through the cracks. Because I hadn’t been admitted yet I didn’t have a nurse. So, just whoever felt like checking on me is who did. I did have a really great nurse named Suzy, and a really great night nurse named Christen. But, Sheila had to go get my breakfast and lunch trays and then take them back down. It was awful! My dr. was so busy that day because she was the dr. on call. She had a lot of surgeries and emergencies. She didn’t end up getting to see us until like 7:00. She had no idea that I had been treated that way, and said that I would be moving rooms so it would be different. She said we would be admitted until delivery. All Jacob could do was smile, because he was so happy to know what was going to happen. And he knew we were going to be getting the best treatment, and there would be no more stressing out at home. However, all I could do was cry. This isn’t how it’s supposed to be. I’m supposed to be growing big at home and finishing things up. Finishing all the plans that I started! And that’s not how it’s going to end up. She said my 24 hour urine sample came back with a protein level of 250. If it gets to 300 we will most likely induce. With that combined with the blood pressure. If it stays the way it is there’s a chance we will make it to 37 weeks and induce then. Unless my BP goes way up and stays up, and then we would induce for that. She also said that if I went into labor now she wouldn’t stop it. It’s really hard to induce labor while you’re on hospital bedrest though! That night we decided I wouldn’t have to be monitored constantly, just an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. And my bp/temp every 4 hours. So, I slept much more comfortably that night. They are also giving me ambient to help me sleep! Thank goodness, it’s a life saver. Because all I do is sit here and stress about what I could/should be doing at home! Jacob went home to sleep because he was so uncomfortable here, but he promises to be back in the morning.

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