Saturday, May 2, 2009

April 30

Posted by danielle at 8:57 PM
We did finally move rooms this afternoon. We are in a postpartum room. It’s about the same size as the other room, with a little more seating. I’m guessing this is where I’ll come back after Alexia finally decides to make her entrance. It was a very quiet morning down in the other room. I had no visitors, as Jacob and my mom both had to work. Sheila called and let me talk to Averie on the phone, and Grandma Eva called and talked to me. When we moved down here I could already tell that our nursing care was going to be better. I had so many nurses in and out of my room when I first got down here getting me weighed and all set up. It was so good to know that maybe someone will be checking in on us. Jacob got here and ate dinner, and we just watched tv and chatted. The same things we would do if we were at home! Right before he left they were coming in to hook me up to the monitors for the non stress test, so I couldn’t have my emotional breakdown that I’ve had the past 2 nights, because I knew it would affect the test. The test was good though, I pushed a button every time she moved so they could compare her heartrate to her movement. I talked to dad again tonight, and wasn’t as emotional. And talked to mom on the phone later. She’s going to be back up here tomorrow to take care of me and cut my hair! We’re all keeping our fingers crossed for a weekend baby! We’re all just so ready for her to be here!

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