Monday, April 6, 2009


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I'm so happy with the house renovations! Here's a link to a few photos I took last night.

Hopefully tonight we will get the crib and changing table put together. But, Jacob has been sick today, so I don't know if he'll feel up to it. I don't have any bedding to put on the crib yet, but just having it together in the nursery will make me feel better! I'll take more pictures then.

Today I got the books put back on the bookshelf. They aren't in any kind of order though, which will probably bug Jacob because he likes all the authors to be put together. But, it was an accomplishment just for me to get them on the shelf!

So, right now I'm trying to decide how to arrange the nursery. I don't want the crib too near the window, 1. because it's old and drafty and 2. because it's moldy. I know, there shouldn't be mold in there at all, but hopefully we can get something done about it soon. That room was our old bedroom and our bed was pushed right up against the window...I didn't know it was moldy for the longest time! Yuck!

Jacob's birthday is this weekend, so I need to figure out something to do for him. He said the xbox was his birthday gift, but I want to be able to do something for him. His birthday falls on Easter this year, so he will get to spend that day with his family, so that's nice. However the weather is calling for rain on Easter so that sucks! And my family will be out of town to celebrate my Grandma's birthday. I'm not able to go because my OB doesn't want you to travel more than an hour away once you pass 30 weeks. My Grandma lives 4 hours away, so that's out of the question. Hopefully some of them will get to come to the baby shower or at least come down once Alexia is born!

Watching Law and Order: CI and considering a nap this afternoon!

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