Friday, October 9, 2009


Posted by danielle at 1:29 PM
It's kicking my ass today. The dr won't refill my antidepressant, so it's been 3 days without it. I didn't get a job I interviewed for yesterday. All Lexi wants to do is scream. I just want to go to bed and never get up. I don't want to die, but I don't want to live either. Living is too hard. It just sucks! I hate myself for feeling this way. I hate the fact that I need antidepressants to live my life. Too bad I don't have anything that will knock me out. I feel like I need to be admitted to the psych ward. I shouldn't have the thoughts that I have. Normal people don't think about how many tylenol pm it would take to put them in the hospital.

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