Friday, January 30, 2009

25 years and not a lesson learned!

Posted by danielle at 12:56 PM
You would think in that amount of time I would learn to mind my own business! Not so much! Still sticking my 2 cents into places where it wasn't asked for. Possibly made a friendship worse than what it already was. I hope not...I truly prayed that it doesn't. And I pleaded with the person to not let my words influence them.

Also, obviously I have offended some husband being number 1. He doesn't feel like I should put everything so OUT THERE for everyone to see. But, this is my only escape. I mean, my myspace blogs are pretty much a good representation of me, but when I started this was real. And I didn't hold anything back. So, if it has to do with something personal between me and him I'm going to try to take it easy. Otherwise, I'm going to still be the same person, and post the same blogs...with the exception that I will just go ahead and name names. When I started this blog I didn't really think anyone would read it, so I just put he said/she said kinda stuff in there. Well, it's been brought to my attention that also is rude and talking behind someone's back. So, from now on if I have an argument or get disgruntled with someone...their name will be here. I guess not so much for me...but for them. Anyways...
I didn't sleep again last night...probably all of the stress of yesterday afternoon building up. So, I finally crawled into bed around 5 am. And woke up at around 10. I am so tired, but yet I feel like I can't sleep. My mind won't stop for long enough for me to get a decent night's sleep. It's killing me! I need sleep! But, I did get a load of laundry done and I scrubbed the bathroom sink and countertop...and cleaned all the door handles and light switches in the house...and scrubbed more mold off the kitchen window panes. Yuck,,,but hopefully if we get it out I will start feeling better. to try to get some sleep.

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kaceyhill on February 3, 2009 at 12:32 PM said...

I was just seeing if I could send you a comment or not....i had before and it didnt work, unless they just dont work on your page. do me a favor and try to leave me a comment so i can see if the HTML coding i did is working correctly, thanks so much


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