Monday, January 26, 2009


Posted by danielle at 8:08 AM
Call me a bitch if you must, but I woke up today annoyed with the world! The fact that it was 7:30 and I usually sleep until at least 9 was the first thing on my list...but then that just started it all off. Someone left me a rude comment on my myspace pictures yesterday. I shouldn't let this person get to me, but for some reason it hit a nerve. And it also made me want to delete the picture, for fear that someone else would think the same thing. But, I won't do that...she's not good enough to get that attention from me. Jacob is letting his mom use his car...for this whole week...because her's apparantely broke down this weekend. Whatever, I'm glad we are able to help people out. But, her car wouldn't be broken down if her teenage son wouldn't have been driving it like a maniac after he broke his car down the week before. So, that was one of Jacob's stipulations...he couldn't drive the car. Not only is it supposed to be icy and nasty this week, but he's broken down 2 cars in 2 weeks. So, that made his mom makes me half tempted to go get the car and bring it home. Because guess what, the fact that he thinks she shouldn't be without a car only means that he thinks it's okay for ME to go without a car...since he's driving mine while she has his. Moving on...I know have to play host every day from 12-1 to Jacob's coworkers. This means that I'm supposed to clean up the house every day...even though half the time it's not my crap laying around. This also means that even though I have nowhere to car to get anywhere...that I have to make myself look halfway presentable for that hour. To most people this probably wouldn't be a big deal...but to me it's ridiculous. I don't see the need that I need to put on makeup for these people. Also, the only clothes I have that fit me are oversized tshirts and sweat pants or my maternity clothes...which are kind of "nicer." I'm definately not getting dressed up to sit here in my own house and watch grown men kill each other on the xbox. The suitcases from our weekend are still sitting behind the couch...I'm sure those are supposed to be gone before lunch. Anyways....the list could go on and on today...Thanks for listening to me whine!

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