Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ruined Plans

Posted by danielle at 8:43 PM
It's okay...we didn't make plans...months ago! But, it's just like you to change your mind and ruin it. But guess what...you're not going to ruin it for me. I will have fun, and I will make sure everyone else has fun!

Well, that's 2 bitter posts in a row. Tomorrow will be better! I will post pics tomorrow of the finished pink baby blanket. I finished it today, mainly just so I didn't have to work on it anymore....because for some reason it was so annoying to me! I haven't uploaded the pictures from the card to the computer yet, so I'll post them tomorrow. Hopefully I'll finish the blue baby blanket tomorrow also, as the person I am giving it to has had her baby. He is in the NICU right now...has a little jaundice, but hopefully will get to come home soon. I need to have it done before they bring him home! So, maybe I'll have those 2 pictures tomorrow. The blue one doesn't seem to annoy me as much as the pink one, but it doesn't seem to progress as fast as the ones I first started (and ran out of yarn)...but, they will both be darn cute when they're done! And I know both of these families will be very appreciative! That's why I do what I do! I want to make other people happy! I want my blankets to be a part of their little one's life...from the very first ride home from the hospital, up until they are dragging them around and tearing them to shredds! That's why I do this...to see these sweet little angels with their own special blankie...that was made especially for them. Something that they can have their whole lives, and pass on to their own children one day. That gets deep...but that's what keeps me going! So, amongst all these blankets. I need to find the yarn to finish the 2 baby blankets that I'm going to be auctioning off on CO, and that needs to happen soon, so that we can get those auctions up and running. So, that will be my goal for the week and weekend to find the yarn I need to get these blankets finished. And then somewhere in the middle of all this I would like to find a pattern for a baby blanket for myself...that I truly love...that I will work on because I think it's fun....and it's for my little girl. I have one that I made years ago and set it aside for myself to have whenever that day may come. Well, now I will have to get that out and take pictures of it. Because that day has come where I will need it now.

We found our long lost kitty! Really I think he's been bumming food off the whole neighborhood and that's why he hasn't been around as much. I carried him home, fed him, changed his bedding, and gave him fresh-unfrozen-water. Hopefully he hangs around a little while...I was really missing him!

Before I close this blog...let me just say. Before I started this blog I took an ambien to help me sleep tonight. I don't feel tired, but I feel half drunk! I know I'm not half drunk, so I must be somewhere on my way to falling asleep. So, if half of this doesnt make sense...feel free to point it out to me...tomorrow... and I will edit the things where I failed! Really, just check back tomorrow for picture updates of the blankets. And I may throw in a couple of my kitty in the snow.

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