Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A better day

Posted by danielle at 6:47 PM

So, I promised updates. I have pictures of the pink baby blanket, but not the blue one. I have a dilemma with it! It is extremely wide for a baby blanket, so it looks mis-proportioned. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. The first two pictures are close up of the pattern and the border...and then the third one is the whole's folded up.

Then I threw in this picture of Salem I took today. He's sitting in the middle of the the ice. He just walked straight out there and sat himself down like that's where he belonged. Psycho cat! While I was outside feeding him and taking those pictures I got to see Zoe sledding! It was so cute! Her mom was pulling her on a sled behind the 4-wheeler. She was so funny! She fell off once and jumped up screaming "my hip, my hip!" It was hilarious! I couldn't stay out there very long today though because the sun was shining down and whatever was trying to melt was already re-freezing, and it was so slick. Yesterday you could walk in it, and just sink down...not today! I was sliding around and was too scared I was going to fall!

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