Tuesday, March 3, 2009

3rd trimester~

Posted by danielle at 9:26 PM
Monday March 2:
Congratulations you have finished your second trimester!

Tuesday March 3:
Baby's crown to rump length is 25 cm or 9.8 inches. Baby weighs about 1000-1100 grams or 2.2-2.4 pounds.

This is the last week of Month 7!!!

The dr. still hasn't called me back to let me know if I passed the 3 hr glucose tolerance test. Hmm...the waiting makes me wonder. But, I HAD to pass this time!

Lexi, as she is fondly called by Aunt Kristin, moves a TON now. But, the funny thing is. I can feel her moving and then reach my hand to my belly to feel her that way, and she will stop. Same thing, she'll be moving and I'll put someone else's hand on my belly, and she will stop. She can tell when there's extra pressure there, and she doesn't appreciate it. She moves the most after I eat...surprise, surprise! And when I'm laying down to rest in the evenings. It's so weird because I know if I could catch her moving like that I could actually SEE my belly move, but I guess she can sense that I'm "looking" at her too, because she stops! She does love to hear her bedtime stories! I read 3 books tonight and I just wanted to keep reading forever to her! Aunt Lisa brought her 3 more books this week. So, we're starting to get quite a collection, but I probably have between 100-200 books on my list that I want to get. She's going to need a bigger shelf to put her books on, than what we're using right now, because it's already almost full!

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Kristin said...

Even reading about her makes my heart about the happiest it's ever been!!! God is amazing! I love all 3 of you!


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