Friday, March 20, 2009

Walls are up!

Posted by danielle at 10:05 AM
That's right, the walls are up, well the framework anyways. The carpenter has finished his work here. The "nursery" turned out way smaller than what I thought it was going to, so I had to make new plans. What was going to be a nursery will now just be an entryway. Our new bedroom is HUGE! I'm talking gigantic...considering we lived in an apartment and then our room right now is room for the bed, tv, and that's it! So, this new room will have room for so much, including the pack n play for Alexia to sleep in when she comes home! Our current tiny bedroom will become Alexia's room. I know I was just talking about how tiny it is, but it is the perfect size for a nursery! Hopefully the drywall/sheetrock will be up next week and then we can start painting and moving furniture! I'm so excited to finally have progress!
Salem loved the carpenter being here. Having the front door open gave him free reign to come and go as he pleased...which usually included sleeping in the middle of the carpenter's tools!
Jacob went to the dr. today because he's been coughing and such for pretty much the whole week. It's bronchitis. I'm praying that I don't get it! It has to be a good sign that I'm not sick yet, right?!? I did go and put my toothbrush and flosser in a ziploc bag and got myself a seperate tube of toothpaste. I guess later I will Clorox light switches and doorknobs and such.
Speaking of feeling sick...I'm starting to feel the effects of not taking prozac for a week. This wasn't by choice either. I'm starting to feel the urge to lay in bed all day and do nothing but sleep. Thankfully I haven't had a major blowup with Jacob, but I know that time is coming if I don't get the medicine soon! I contacted Walmart 2 weeks ago to request a refill. They contacted my dr's office, and then I never heard anything else. I called walmart like 3 times and they said they had no response from my dr. So, I'm here thinking that he's not going to refill it for some reason. So, I called the dr's office this week. She proceeds to tell me that the refill has been approved on the 9th! So I ask where...Drug Warehouse. That's where I used to get my prescriptions filled when I worked. But, that's all the way in Broken Arrow, and I don't work now so it makes no sense for me to drive all the way over there to get prescriptions filled. Walmart requested the refill, so why the hell would they fax the refill to Drug Warehouse? Whatever, now I'm going to have to drive to Broken Arrow to pick up my prescription. I would do it today, but Jacob drove my car and I don't feel like driving his. Lisa and Kristin are watching the boys today. They asked me if I wanted to come hang out with them and watch OSU play basketball...but I don't know if I should With Jacob being sick I don't know if I'm "carrying" his germs around and could possibly spread the bronchitis to someone else. And then my dad's been sick for a while now and probably has something I don't want his germs either! Either way I'm pretty sure I'll just hang out here today. I haven't gotten to nap the past 2 days with the carpenter here so a nap is in order!

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