Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New stuff!

Posted by danielle at 4:54 PM
I got a new phone! Blackjack II!

I know that's a huge picture, I apologize, but I couldn't find a different one! I just got it last night, so I don't have it completely figured out yet. But, so far, I love it! I didn't get the internet package...because I don't really need it. I just wanted a phone that would be easier to text on!

Alexia got some new outfits this weekend! I bought 1 at Kohl's. I also got her a orange and white striped onesie from Old Navy with some White pants to go with it. I need to find her some tennis shoes to wear with it! So far all the shoes she has are pink so that won't work! And I also got her a sleeper at Old Navy. But, Aunt Lisa and Aunt Kristin hooked her up again with some super cute stuff! I also found her some ballet slipper socks at Motherhood. I can't wait to show her Granny Sheila. She used to dance ballet, she's going to be so excited!

We got the boys some outfits for their birthday from the Carter's store. They are so cute...and Jacob picked them out!

We got Alexia a new book also. It's by Max Lucado. I have so many of his books and I love him. So, I was super excited to see a children's book by him! It's called Just in case you ever wonder. Jacob read it to her last night. It's really not a baby book, but more for older kids, but it's still cute!

I started moving stuff out of the "front room" today so that when the carpenter calls everything will be ready for him. He's going to split the room into 2. 1 room with be Alexia's and 1 will be ours. We are walling over the existing front door. Our current bedroom will be turned into an entry way, and the window will become a door. I'm super excited for it to be done! I think it will help me to like the house better! And of course it's one step closer to having Lexi here!

Mom and I are going to pick our material next Friday so she can make Aubrie, Averie, and Gracie some dresses for their birthdays. We had picked some out at Carter's, but then realized that mom could do it for way cheaper...and her's will probably end up way cuter!

I still haven't gotten the pictures off my camera from vacation...I need to do that! But, anyways...I'm off to eat some pizza! I took my Zantac so hopefully the heartburn/reflux won't be too terrible! I can't help it though...I love pizza!

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