Sunday, February 15, 2009


Posted by danielle at 5:47 PM
I'm so tired of Jacob having to go to work on the weekends. He had to go yesterday and he had to go today. Even though it's just usually for a couple hours it's still annoying. Last Friday night he worked all night...from like 9pm to 5am. And I know it's extra money...but still. It's the weekend, and neither weekend has he had the pager, so it shouldn't even have been his responsibility. Whatever! But then it's worse because he comes home and wants to tell me all about how awful it was, but I've been here doing stuff too. Today while he was gone I cooked dinner, washed dishes, and did laundry. He came in, ate...and that's it. Anyways...I really do love him, it's just hard. I don't know how I'm going to handle it once Alexia gets here...because I think I will really need him!
We go back to the dr. for him tomorrow. We're not really sure why, because he wasn't supposed to go back until March, but then they called him back on Friday and said they needed to see him ASAP. So, it's kind of concerning. So, hopefully everything will be okay. He's off work tomorrow for President's Day, so in the afternoon he's supposed to go 4 wheeling with some guys from work. It sucks because I think it would be fun to go...but I can't! So, what I thought would be our 1 extra day together I will still be sitting at home alone. Oh well huh! Poor, poor me!
Well, the washing machine just stopped, so I need to go switch laundry!

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Lisa on February 15, 2009 at 6:54 PM said...

Hey...just know that if you ever need anything, we're all here. Before and after Alexia gets here.


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