Friday, February 13, 2009

Why am I still awake?

Posted by danielle at 1:32 AM
No really....why? Because Ambien sucks! I don't know what's worse, not sleeping at all, or sleeping for 2 hours at a time. If I could find my stuffing I could stuff the pillow I just whipped up. Random I know. I also attempted to make a blanket out of some fleece I found while I was looking for the stuffing. I hemmed up a pair of maternity jeans...tried to do the second pair, but the machine keeps eating my thread so I gave up. The thing that makes no sleep the greatest is that I have to go to the dr. tomorrow. Not only do I have to go to the dr, but I have to do the icky glucose tolerance test. Drink the orange goo, wait an hour and then go have my blood drawn. Not sleeping is going to mean that I will be wanting some major caffeine tomorrow, but I need to limit my sugar intake since I have to drink the orange poison. Then once my blood sugar plummets from it I will be as sick as a dog. The last time I barely made it back to the house before I passed out. Thank God I made it out of the car! I think I'm going to talk mom into driving...even though she doesn't like driving down there at that time of day....I may not be the safest driver tomorrow!
We decided that we're going to go out tomorrow night for Valentine's Day instead of trying to fight through crowds on Saturday. So, Saturday I'll just cook dinner here. We also decided for gifts we're each just going to pick out something that we want. I'm leaning towards either a new perfume or a new wallet/billfold...except I can never find one that I like! I'm not sure what Jacob is leaning towards...but I would guess that it has to do with the xbox!

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