Wednesday, February 25, 2009

headaches and heartburn

Posted by danielle at 8:10 PM
Yeah...every night for about a week now, right when I'm ready to go to bed I get heartburn. Tonight's heartburn is like the worst ever though! I can't even figure out what I could have eaten that made it this bad! Alexia better come out with a head full of hair! And who knows where the headache came from, it just hit me all the sudden...about as suddenly as the heartburn.

I went back and did the 3 hr glucose tolerance test today. It wasn't nearly as bad as the one last week. I made it through the whole test without getting sick. However, as soon as I started drinking the orange goo it brought a sick feeling to my stomach. So, hopefully I get the results by the weekend, and hopefully I passed...because I can't give up sugar! No's not going to happen!

The past 2 days I've woken up at around 4:00 and haven't been able to get back to sleep. I just lay here tossing and turning in the sucks! And today when I woke up, I woke up craving this...hostess apple pie. So, as soon as I was done with my glucose test I went and bought not 1, but 2. I didn't eat them at the time...not the smartest thing...more sugar after fasting for 12 hrs and drinking the orange goo! So, I'm about to eat one now. I've woken up so many times in the past few weeks craving the wierdest foods. Wavy Lays~donuts~apple pie~mcdonald's french fries~the list could go on and on. And living in Beggs isn't the best thing when you wake up at 3 am craving something you don't have!

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