Monday, February 9, 2009

I wish I could sleep

Posted by danielle at 11:37 AM

OMG, I wish I could get a decent night's sleep. Saturday night I slept really well! 5 hours straight without waking up...but then last night...back to crappy sleeping! My back was hurting before I even got in bed, so I knew it was probably going to be a rough night. I woke up again when Jacob got I just went ahead and got up. Started some laundry. I have everything ready to start dinner, now if that time would just come! I took pictures of the baby clothes that I have gotten so far...but I'm not putting them on my computer yet because Jacob is going to work on it tonight...wipe everything off and start over. So, I already moved all my pictures, music, etc over to the external hard drive. I had over 8,000 pictures on here! Holy crap that's a lot! So, now I'm going to eat lunch...and probably take a nap! I know that probably won't help me sleep tonight, but I'm so tired right now!

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