Friday, February 27, 2009

creeped out.....long story!

Posted by danielle at 9:15 PM

Why do I always have to be creeped out by something? Last night Jacob's biological dad started calling around 11. Time out for a little back story:

Jacob hadn't seen his biological dad since he was 4, until last year. He never paid child support or anything, and was pretty much a piece of crap you beat up on Jacob's mom. He's gotten really sick recently and I guess decided to make amends. He randomly called our house last year and we went and met him. It was wierd to say the least! That's all Jacob wanted from him...was to meet him 1 time. And after that he didn't answer his calls. He doesn't want anything else to do with him. So, he just calls at random times now and leaves messages. Okay, back to last night:

We were already almost asleep, and Jacob doesn't want to talk to him anyways. He called 3 times. He left a message the 2nd time. All it said was Jacob and Danielle this is Wayne. So, after that I got freaked out. I just KNEW that he was probably outside our house stalking us. So, I laid here for a while and then had to get up and check to make sure the doors were locked. I didn't sleep well all night, I kept thinking I was hearing things around the house. And then I'm thinking about how I'm here all day by myself and if he decides to show up, what am I going to do? Well, everything was fine today, and I told Jacob how it creeped me out. So, I come in here to the bedroom and lay down watching tv. Jacob is in the living room watching tv, and I have the door shut. He "pages" me on the phone...which I hate anyways because it makes an annoying sound, and why can't you get up from the next room to talk to me?!? So, all he says is come in here. So, I get up and go in there. He asks me if Salem (the cat) is inside...I say no, because I fed him right when we got home and he was outside eating, so he couldn't have snuck in with us. Why? Because he has "seen" someone walking behind him. The way the couch faces, if the curtains are open you can see the reflection behind you because it's dark outside. He said he has "seen" it like 3 times, and he thought it was me, but never heard the door open, and then he thought it was Salem walking on the back of the couch. And the 3rd time he was too scared to do anything except for call me! WTF! What am I supposed to do if there is someone in there? He always does this! Now I'm all creeped out! I already took an ambien so I'm going to start getting loopy here in a little bit and that won't help the situation! Back before we got married we were staying at his grandma's house in Sapulpa while they were on vacation. We were sitting in the tv room watching tv and doing homework and he thought he heard something at the garage door. So, he gets up and goes in there. He calls me in there...well naturally I don't want to go! So, sure enough I get in there and the door knob is shaking! I have my cell phone picked up dialed 911 and ready to send and he won't let me! His car was parked in the garage so he pushed the panic button on his keychain, let it go off for a little bit and then opened the door, ran to the car, flew out of the garage in reverse (thank God he remembered to open the garage door!) The side garage door was standing wide was never locked because we didn't have a key to the house, so that's how we got in while we were staying there. Needless to say, that was an AWFUL night! It was a house I hadn't really ever stayed at overnight, and we weren't supposed to be staying overnight with each other because we weren't married! So, it wasn't like I could call and tell my dad how scared I was and to come rescue me! We shut and locked all the doors in the house and propped chairs up against the knobs like you see on tv! We get psychotic like that! I never stayed in our apartment by myself, but Jacob did sometimes when I would go to Stillwater to see Lisa and Kristin...and he swears he saw a ghost in there. But, then we moved down here to Beggs...this house is old, and that's creepy enough. But, it's always so damn dark! I always slept with a night light until we got married! And then he told me I had to grow up! But, I still would put a night light in the bathroom or kitchen just to cast some kind of glow throughout the house! One night I SWEAR I woke up and saw an enormous black man leaning on the bedroom door frame. I was so freaked out I couldn't move. I know I couldn't scream...I've been scared enough to scream about dreams, but nothing would come out! And I knew I couldn't wake Jacob up because he sleeps really hard and if I were to try to casually wake him up he would wake up screaming "what, huh, what" and that's pointless in that situation! So, I get up later to find that all the deadbolts in the house are still locked, so this has to be a figment of my imagination...there was no one in the house. Which makes me sound crazy as hell, but I can't help it. I swear to you he was standing there. Anyways, let's move on to the next incident where I'm in bed, Jacob comes to the bedroom door and says get up now...okay, I want to know why...just get up now. So, I get up. He proceeds to tell me there someone at the door with a chainsaw! Once again WTF! So, I have 911 ready once again, but before we can do that we have to check it out ourselves. So, we find the flashlight and throw open the other door...shine the light around...see car tracks all through our yard, and our mailbox smashed. So, we call 911 just to file a report in case someone else had issues later on that night, at least it would be recorded! So, the cops come out and decide that what Jacob thought was a chainsaw, was probably the person getting stuck in the ditch, on top of the mailbox, and then trying to get off the mailbox and out of the ditch...because the ditch is really steep right there. So anyways...add tonight's adventure to this, and I guess you could say we're freaks! Freaky things always happen...even if they're not so freaky, they will get blown out of proportion by us! I stayed in this house for 2 weeks while Jacob was in Dallas for work...I had to double check the locks several times every night, I never opened the curtains, and I slept with the tv on all night! Someone I managed to never get too freaked out! But, it is hard to get up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night when you're not sure if there could possibly be someone else in the house with you! Anyways, I'm sure 1/4th of the people who started reading this have actually made it to this point, and right now that person is begging me to shut up! So, I'll grant you that wish! This subject will be over...but I can't guarantee there will be no more posting for the night!

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Lisa on February 28, 2009 at 7:42 AM said...

I think the paranoia is in our blood. That's why I won't move out and live on my own.

Mimi on March 10, 2009 at 10:56 PM said...

You know I have night terrors, long before I took ambien to get to sleep. One night I dreamed that a man was standing over our bed with a knife about to stab us. I started freaking out screaming thrashing everything. Danny had to hold me down because my screams were blood curdling and I was trying to swing at him (I was also pregnant at the time with Tripp) anyway I actually had bruises on my wrists from where he was holding them down. Turns out the these night terrors (there is another sleep disorder I have but I don't remember the name it is obviously self diagnosed :D) are so real because they happen in a different part of the sleep cycle. They are more like hallucinations instead of dreams. anyway now you have sufficiently creeped me out and my laptop battery doesn't have very long and I don't want to go back to the living room to get the cord... guess I'm keeping the tv on all night tonight too! You should get a gun and take some shooting classes... seriously you guys have way too many freaky things happen!


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