Monday, February 2, 2009

nothing really

Posted by danielle at 3:04 PM
I haven't blogged...because there's nothing new! I finished the 2 baby blankets I was working now I'm deciding what to do next. I think I want to try some doilies...I tried once before but it was kinda too much!
I started my baby registries online. Walmart, Target, and BabiesRUs. sucks as far as making registries, so I will be doing the majority of it in the store. I feel like my list is huge...but it's my first baby! Some people who deal with infertility find it comforting and reassuring to go ahead and buy baby things ahead of time. I never could do it. I was too scared that it wasn't going to happen to have things sitting in my's kind of still scary to walk past the crib and changing table in their boxes. Stuff is gradually being given to me...that's one good thing about being one of the LAST people in your family to have babies. I put the pack n play together a couple of weeks's so cute! I can't wait to put the crib and changing table together, but we have renovations that have to happen first.

Speaking of...when is that going to happen? I feel like I shouldn't "bug" them about it...but at the same time, I knwo this baby may not wait until June 1 to may be after that...but, there is so much that has to be done! The complete renovation includes turning 1 room into 2 and moving an outside door! Then I will still have all the stuff to set up once that happens. Part of me thinks the best thing would be to just move...but with not having a job right now that's probably not going to happen. And someone paid our rent for us up through until then we're rent free. And with recent drama I feel awkward even calling "them." There has been no further talk of the mold. I did dig into the bedroom was already coming loose I didn't just bash a hole in the wall...and I couldn't find anything that looked like mold in there, so that's reassuring to me. My cold still hasn't gone completely away so that's concerning. But, we spent a full weekend out of the house and I didn't feel any that makes me think it's just a cold.

Sleep hasn't really gotten any better. And then we have to add the back and hip pain to the list! I have always been a stomach sleeper, but that's impossible now. I can't sleep on my back...I just can't. So, I have to sleep on either side. It doesn't matter how I start out, I can only stay that way for about an hour...2 at most before one hip starts hurting and I have to flip to the other side. Last night I tried sleeping with a pillow between my knees because I read that it may help...not so much...and it made it more difficult to flip over every 2 hours. So, halfway through the night I threw that pillow out of the bed. It wouldn't be so bad if I could just roll over and go back to sleep, but I am awake for 30 minutes to an hour every time I roll over. So, today I started looking up "natural" sleep remedies. Ha! Seriously, one website suggested listening to relaxing CD's. Okay, that makes sense...but on their list was "whale songs." Really?!? I think not only would that give me issues, but that would give my unborn child issues! And then there's the babbling brook...or waterfall. Seriously, I have to pee every 2 hours anyways...that would kill me!

Well, for having nothing to say I think I've said a lot!

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Mimi on February 3, 2009 at 7:06 PM said...

Have you tried melatonin? You can take up to 10mg at once and it works pretty dang well, although you will have some CRAAAAZY dreams! Also one thing that helps me is to have a bunch of nice fluffy pillows behind me one on each side of me and one under my knees. It creates a recliner type position and as long as you are elevated some you are ok sleeping on your back. You just want to be at about a 45 degree angle so the baby isn't putting too much pressure on your vena cava. Although I have had a doctor tell me that sleeping on your back is ok as long as you aren't getting light headed or something like that. Also ask your doctor if it is possible that you have post nasal drip. It is caused by allergies/sinuses and will cause you to feel like you have a constant cold. It will make you have a chronic cough and sore throat due to all the yucky junk that is constantly draining down the back of your throat. My doctor gave me Astepro (the new version of Astelin) to help with mine cause I had a cough that wasn't going away and a sore throat that felt like strep for about a month. It worked wonders plus I only take it at night time since it makes me super sleepy (well especially when combined with my benadryl). Hope things get better for you!


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