Sunday, February 8, 2009


Posted by danielle at 12:37 AM
We (me, Mom, Lisa, and Kristin) went and did my baby registries today. It was super fun! And for some reason Lisa and Kristin felt obligated to buy me clothes also! I'm always down for new clothes...but I don't want people feel like they need to or have to buy me things! So we registered at Target and Walmart. I have a few things at BabiesRUs, but for the most part I'm steering clear of that place. We ended up registering for a different bedding set than I had originally picked out. The new one has more pink on it...I guess I had picked the other one out when we were still unsure of the sex, because it was more gender neutral. But, once mom pointed out the pink I just had to have it! We didn't get a chance to look at fabric today, since only certain Walmart's have fabric sections that will be another day! Lisa and Kristin also brought over a TON of clothes for Alexia. It's so amazing to have all these little pink outfits in the house now! And mom and Brandon bought diapers and wipes. Oh, and Lisa and Kristin made the cutest little OSU fleece's pink and just super cute and soft! So, I have plans to start moving stuff around this week and cleaning some then there will be no reason why they can't start renovations. So, hopefully I'm able to get rid of a bunch of stuff and get everything moved out of the front room. I also made it a goal to start cooking again this week. So, I picked out my recipes for the week and we will go to the grocery store tomorrow to get all the stuff I will need. I'll let you know how that goes! Hopefully I'll be sleeping well enough to still feel like cooking! We went out to eat tonight with my parents, sisters, brother and his family. The wait was super long and we ended up having to sit in 2 seperate booths, and the high chairs didn't push all the way up to the tables...which was annoying because the babies couldn't reach the table to grab their little treats. Our food also came at 2 totally different times...our table was pretty much done eating when the other table got their food...even though they took our orders at the same time. Kristin and Brandon got their's for free I think because it was so messed up! But, it was fun to just get to hang out with everyone! I took some pictures but I'm already laying in it will have to wait until another day to upload them to the computer! Well, that's my update for the day!

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